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This page describes a script that we feel is mostly relevant to Wikipedia. It probably cannot be used on Fandom without significant alteration from its default state. However, if you know of a usage on any Wikia wiki, please document it below.
Creator: xqt
What it does: implements a blocking review process
Complexity: unknown
Applicability: de.wikipedia only is a script that is included in the pywikipedia folder by default, but it has no out-of-the box applicability for any location other than the German Wikipedia.





Usage at Wikipedia[]

It's only used at de.wikipedia, and seems to be under the tight control of the user known as "xqt". Please contact this user if you'd like more information.

Usage at Fandom[]

No usage of at Fandom is currently known. If you're using this script, or you can simply imagine a use for it at a Fandom wiki, please remove this message and give your use case.