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This page describes a script. In general, it refers to the script in its current form, but pywikpedia coders tend only to add functions, not take them away. Chances are that you'll be able to use most of the information on the page, regardless of the age of your installation.
Rob W.W. Hooft
Daniel Herding
Anreas J. Schwab
Pywikpedia team
Code location: wikimedia repository
What it does: Easy category manipulation
Complexity: Basic is a script that lets you easily manage categories. Its most important feature is that it is the only practical way admin have of actually moving categories – a power that is not available to any level of MediaWiki user.

Command line examples[]

python add -page:"Example page"

The above command will direct pywikipedia to add the page given to a new category. After submitting the command the user will be prompted to input the category name.

python move -from:"Category one" -to:"Category two"

The above command will direct pywikipedia to move all pages within the first category (-from) to the new category (-to).

Full list of available parameters[]