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This page describes a script that we feel is mostly relevant to Wikipedia. It probably cannot be used on Fandom without significant alteration from its default state. However, if you know of a usage on any Wikia wiki, please document it below.
Creator: Balasyum
What it does: Censors "bad" words. Bad Hungarian words, that is.
Applicability: hu.wikipedia is a script that is included in the pywikipedia folder, but one that works only on the Hungarian Wikipedia by default. It excises "bad" Hungarian words from the pages of

There are provisions in the code for use by other versions of Wikipedia, but it only includes Hungarian support by default.

It should not be run directly, but is instead a component of

The script is apparently not well maintained, as it bears warnings about its "experimental" status.





Usage at Wikipedia[]

By default, it would only work at hu.wikipedia. But it could be made to work on other Wikipedia projects.

Usage at Wikia[]

No usage of at Fandom is currently known. If you're using this script, or you can simply imagine a use for it at a Wikia wiki, please remove this message and give your use case.

However, if you're actually having problems with "bad" words on your wiki, you should submit a Special:Contact report and ask for advice about the tools Fandom makes available to deal with this problem.