Pybot Wiki
This is a guide to INSTALLING pybot.

This page describes the installation process for OS X devices, step by step.

Step One[]

Click here to download the Compat version of PWB (this link will begin the download.)

This mainly applies to users of Apple's OS X.

Once downloaded extract the contents of the zip file to someplace on your computer, preferably somewhere on your desktop, as that is an easy place to navigate to through the terminal.

Step Two[]

Generating family files[]

Once you have the file extracted to your desired folder open your terminal and navigate inside of your bot's folder. Once you have your terminal open, and you're inside the folder containing your bot, input the following command,

$ python

After you have entered that command you should be prompted to enter the URL of the wiki on which you would like to use your bot on, if not re-check that you have entered the command properly.

Input the URL for the wiki:

Now enter a short name for the wiki:


This will begin the creation of the wiki's family file.

Generating user files[]

Once you have the family files for the wiki you can start creating your user-config file. This is a fairly straight forward process. If you have closed your terminal open it back up and navigate to the folder containing your bot. Once you are back in it input the following command:

$ python

It will ask you whether you would like to create a user file, a fixes file, or both. Type in "3" and press enter. Next you will be given a list of families to choose from. Find the number for wikia, type it in and press enter. If it asks you for a language, just press enter again.

You will now be asked which variant of the user-config file you would like to make, [S]mall or [E]xtended. Type in "S" and press enter. If everything worked out properly you should be given a message saying the files had been created, if not check yourself.

Step three[]

Now you must allow your bot to edit on your chosen wiki. To do this, open up your user-config file using your favourite text editor.

Find where it says "family = 'wikia'" and change "wikia" to the shortname of the wiki that you entered when you generated the family file:

"family = 'example_wikia'"

Next, find the line that looks like this: "usernames['wikia']['en'] = u'ExampleBot'". Correct if necessary to your bot's name.

Find where it says "usernames['wikia']['en']" and create a new line and change it to:


Save the file.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Python Wikipedia Bot on your computer! Now to begin editing using your newly created bot, type in python and type in your bot's password. (The password will be hidden by default, so don't freak out when you don't see it.)

$ python