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This page describes a script. In general, it refers to the script in its current form, but pywikpedia coders tend only to add functions, not take them away. Chances are that you'll be able to use most of the information on the page, regardless of the age of your installation.
Code location: wikimedia repository
What it does: Page protection
Complexity: Basic is a script that allows bots with sysop rights to protect pages, either individually or en masse. Unlike other scripts which will place a template on a page in the case of the bot not having sysop rights, this bot will instead give an error message telling the user to add the following line to your user-config file:


Command Line Examples

In its most basic form, is formatted like so:

python -page:"Page name" -move:PROTECTION_LEVEL -edit:PROTECTION_LEVEL

Protection Levels

sysop - Only users with sysop rights will be allowed to perform this type of edit.
autoconfirmed - Any user who has created an account and has confirmed their email address will be allowed to perform this type of edit.
none - Any user is allowed to perform this type of edit.