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This is the home of regex on our wiki. Here, all of our regex snippets are catalogued for your easy discovery.

Just to avoid confusion and facilitate automatic organisation, all of our regex snippets are kept in their own namespace, which is called Regex. If you're adding a new bit of regex, please remember to put it into that namespace.<\div>

Basic regex
often incomplete regex statements, these micro-snippets are the building blocks you need to create regex masterpieces!
Regex for category manipulation
Mostly used in the confines of, these regex snippets help you control your categories
  • Nothing here yet!
Regex for list creation
Many scripts, such as and, requires a list built in a precise way. These scripts help you go straight from a list to a list that other scripts can actually use.

*Nothing here yet!
Regex that deletes stuff
Sometimes, you just want to blow stuff up. This is the regex that has the dynamite to help you.
Regex that adds stuff
Sometimes, you need to just add a character or two if you want your page to work properly. This is the regex that helps you finesse things with ease.