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This page describes a SCRIPT.

A script is, roughly, the code used to accomplish a particular task. In that sense, a script is the code that creates a particular bot. All installations of pywikipedia, regardless of platform, come with the same base scripts, though it is possible for users to write their own scripts. All scripts end with the extension .py — though not everything that ends in .py is a script you can actively use.

Because it effectively creates an automated process, a script is often taken to be a synonym for the word bot. Thus, it is commonplace to call the script the "replace bot", the script, the "category bot" and so on.

However, a script is not the same thing as a user-fix, which is merely a time-saving aspect of the replace bot.


By default, pywikipedia houses all of its scripts inside the folder called "pywikipedia".

They are housed within a folder called "pywikipedia". In a standard Mac installation, these are typically found at startup disk > username > pywikipedia.

They are typically called by the following language:

python parameter1 parameter2 ... etc