Pybot Wiki

This is the home of scripts on our wiki. Here, all of the known scripts that work with pywikipedia are catalogued and explored.

Scripts that don't fall into any other category
Scripts that help you maintain images on your site
  • Nothing here yet!
List generation
If there's one thing bots are great at, it's making lists. Tons of 'em. For every occasion.
Most category manipulation is done with — but not all of it.
Cosmetic scripts
If you're very particular, you'll love these scripts
  • Nothing here yet!
Wikipedia-only scripts
These scripts only work at Wikipedia — and often not at the Wikipedia you think!
Wikia-maybe scripts
These scripts work out of the box at Wikipedia. But if you added a few pages or templates to your wiki, you could probably get them to work on Wikia without too much trouble.
  • Nothing here yet!
Some of the scripts in the standard install just don't work. Not at Wikia. Not at Wikipedia. Not anywhere.
Family files
You won't get very far without a family file!