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This mainly applies to users of Apple's OS X.

Terminal is an OS X program found at User | Applications | Utilities. It's the window in which Mac users interact with pybot scripts. A completely text-based environment, it typically features a monospaced font and is reminiscent of the drab, colourless way computer screens "used to look". However, modern versions of OS X do allow you to customise the backgrounds with different colours, transparencies and even images, as well as to change the fonts.

Despite — or maybe because of — its simplicity, it's incredibly powerful. Misplaced keystrokes can do serious damage to your computer. However, this is the environment in which python lives, so in order to use pybot, you have to get comfortable with it. Until you are comfortable, make sure that you type any instructions you see here exactly into your Terminal window.

Terminal is the Apple equivalent of cmd on a Windows machine. However, as a UNIX shell, its accepted syntax is often quite different to that which Windows users will be accustomed to. Few, if any, instructions given for the operation of a cmd window on this wiki will work, verbatim, in a Terminal window.