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Enjoy the view at the File:DoctorWhoWiki.png

If you know me at all, chances are it's because you've run across me at one of FANDOM's Doctor Who wikis. But the truth is that I edit pretty broadly round these parts. Chances are that I've ended up at this wiki for reasons that have nothing to do with Doctor Who. I consider myself a "FANDOM user with an interest in Doctor Who" more than a "Doctor Who fan who happens to use FANDOM".

I am also a Wikipedian, where I only infrequently edit these days. Things I've enjoyed writing about include early American television pioneers like William T. Orr and Quinn Martin, fictional concepts like the evil twin, Olympians like Stephanie Brown Trafton, and the history of the Czech Republic.

Things that are true
I likes me some FANDOM. Seriously. It's a free host that lets all of us build databases about any subject we like. And it gives us all great SEO, so that the rest of the world will actually see what we've written. So of course I want FANDOM to succeed financially. As long as FANDOM are able to make money, we all get to keep on keepin' on. And the only real way to make money is to innovate. So when FANDOM makes a change, I see it as an opportunity to participate in an exciting new discussion.
Other things I dig
I drink the Apple® Kool-Aid®. It's yummy.
You only get rid of bugs by reporting them.
Social media ain't optional.
I might be able to help
No promises, mind. But I've been around a few MediaWiki blocks in my day, and I might have seen something you need. Feel free to leave me a message, anywhere on the FANDOM network. I'll often respond in the same day, but sometimes I'm quite busy, resulting in delays. Here's a very incomplete list of my strengths and weaknesses — at least as I see them. I'm not entirely useful with the things on the left side, nor totally useless with the things on the right. For instance, though I prefer my bots to be Python-based, I nevertheless might be able to answer your AWB question — or at least be able to quickly find someone who can.
Things I'm pretty good with Things I'm not so good with
  • Spam or vandalism on your wiki (go grab some SOAP instead)
  • Windows® or Linux