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This page describes a family file as it existed when uploaded. A "known working date" should appear in the infobox. It will probably function in its current form, but you may get the odd, non-fatal error message if the wiki in question has added or subtracted namespaces, or if the MediaWiki version number has changed.

What it does: family file

Ilovecake2018 is a script that serves as the family file for ...

File contents[]

This is the complete file for Ilovecake2018. To make it available for user-config.sys to use:

  1. copy the entire contents of the box below
  2. start a new file in a plain text editor (like TextEdit or Notepad)
  3. save it as a .py file in the families folder found in the pywikipedia folder
  4. make sure it's named exactly as the infobox specifies