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This page describes a script. In general, it refers to the script in its current form, but pywikpedia coders tend only to add functions, not take them away. Chances are that you'll be able to use most of the information on the page, regardless of the age of your installation.
Daniel Herding
Pywikipedia team
Code location: Template:Mwloc
What it does: Produces your bot account's watchlist
Complexity: Basic
Applicability: all MediaWiki installations is a script that reproduces a watchlist — specifically, the list of pages being followed by the account to which pywikipedia is currently logged in.


The syntax for this script is:




reloads watchlists for all wikis where a watchlist is alrady present


loads watchlists for all wikis referenced in; if you use your bot account on several different wikis, this parameter will look at your watchlist on all those wikis

Use cases

No actual use cases are known. But it's a cool script. One imagines.